• Format

    3 hour workshop

  • Breakdown

    50% training input and discussion, 50% practical activities and facilitated group work

  • Participants

    20 maximum

  • Results

    Overhaul your team’s use of email, and make it an ally for playful productive momentum once again!

  • Key Benefits
    • Productivity Ninja® tips, tricks and tactics for improving emails – both individually and as teams
    • An “Email Manifesto” the whole team has contributed to, with practical commitments to better email practices and culture

Email Etiquette – Rules & tips for effective email

Email consumes an average of 41% of a person’s working day.

It’s a vital element of how we work – yet few of us have had best practice training on how to use it well as a tool for effective communication and collaboration, rather than something that disrupts and distracts us from our work.

We’ll look at how email went wrong – and how we can make it magical again.

This workshop shares our Productivity Ninja® approach to better email, and enables your team to think about how their email habits affect others, and discuss and commit to practical steps to improve the email culture around them.