We don’t just want your team to learn how to be more productive. We want them to actually do it. That’s why our in-house workshops are split between training room exercises and our unique “at-desk coaching”, where we help your team to start changing how they work straight away.

We help get inboxes to zero, make meetings more effective, and implement new productivity systems on the day.

Personal Productivity Workshops

The phrase ‘too much to do, too little time’ is all too familiar. Our personal productivity workshops focus on habits, choices, actions, attention and energy to make your work flow!

Email Workshops

Ever get the feeling too many emails may be killing your productivity? These workshops will revolutionise your email management to free up your time where it’s needed.

Meetings Workshops

Meetings take up 30% of the average employee’s working day. We show you how to make each one powerful and purposeful, resulting in decisive outcomes.