What we do

We are passionate about productivity. Our Productivity Ninjas (that’s what we call our trainers) deliver workshops, practical coaching and consultancy to help you and your people to get more done, with less stress.

At desk coaching

Unlike other training companies, we’re passionate about making sure people implement the things we cover on our workshops straight away so that real change happens. We structure our sessions to include workshop-room time as well as at-desk coaching. So on ‘Getting Your Inbox to Zero’ for example, people actually GET their inboxes to zero by the end of the 3 hours – not just talk about it.

Blended learning

We see learning as a process that happens from the moment your participants receive their invite to the workshop, implementation during the workshop itself and right through to the weeks and months afterwards.  All our workshop participants are given access to additional support materials after their workshop to help make sure the learning sticks.  Your Productivity Ninja® is also available after the workshop for any follow-up questions – we all love sharing their own experiences with a full range of different tools – between us, we know all the best tips and tricks for Outlook, Gmail, PC, Mac, pen and paper, iPhone, Android and whatever else you might use!

Our Productivity Ninja® Academy will take your blended learning experience a step further. With its dynamic and growing library of deeper dive materials and video courses, the Productivity Ninja® Academy is available to all workshop participants to help take their productivity to the next level.